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Ata Ur Rahman     203-507-4272

Noor A Jinnah      203-507-4272

Email: arafahajj@yahoo.com
Web: www.arafatravel.com

Welcome to Our Site

We are not new comers in this business. Our name can be traced as far as 15 years back. We have provided for all this long time a dependable quality service to people performing UMRAH or HAJJ. Also we are among the few select ones who are licensed by Ministry of Hajj & Umrah through Royal consulate of Saudi Arabia in New York, U.S.A.

We're currently preparing the tour packages for the season. Please check again later. In the meanwhile you can register to our newsletter to be informed when our packages are ready.

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Documents Required


Preparation for Hajj

Arrival at Jeddah



Organized by : Haji Moinul Islam
Hajj Related Experience:

  We have been leading Hajj group from America with success since 1997.

  We have helped in leading Hajj with success since 1980 to 1990 A.D.
      residing in Makkah and Jeddah.

  We are experienced in Arabic language and well familiar with various holy

The characteristics of this group

  Lead to the historic places in Makkah & Medinah.

  Award necessary Primary care

  Air conditioned transportation for everywhere movement.

  Perform all the activities of Hajj in deep touch with the experienced and
      renowned Religious leaders of Bangladeshi, American & Pakistani.

  Award Hajj training before starting for Hajj

  Perform all the activities and rules and regulations of Hajj in collaboration
      with experienced religious leaders.

  Religious leaders & attendants living in Saudi Arabia are always ready to
      serve you. Arrange to carry luggage & bags in Makkah, Medinah & Jeddah.
      Well management for Omrah & Kurbani (animal slaughtering)

  Arrangements will be made for breakfast, lunch & dinner in each Hotel.
      Light refreshment in Mina & Arafa.

Hajj 2009 Umrah 2009

Package 1   $5500
Package 2   $4900
Package 3   $4900
Package 4   $4500

Package 1   $1900
Package 2   $2300
Package 3   $2500
Package 4   $2900
Package 5   $2900
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